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Welcome to the Valarian Order Guild!

Valarian Order
Across the lands of Tyria many guilds seek allies and new recruits.
We are The Valarian Order, standing for what is right and fighting
against the wrongs. We will not hesitate to lend a helping hand to those in need.
For we are Heros, join us and together we shall forge our Legend.

The Valarian Order is a casual and social PvX guild focused on community, friendship and enjoyment of Guild Wars.
Located on the DragonBrand server, we pride ourselves in being a No Stress-PvP, non hardcore, non elitist guild who don't get involved in conflicts with other guilds.
We want our members to get the most fun from Guild Wars without the pressure of millions of rules and it feeling like it's a chore.
And as Valarians, you are not just another player in the world, but part of a close family who are supportive and respectful of each other, but still have a sense of humor.
In The Valarian Order you can expect regular Instance, Dungeon, and WvW runs, Various World Events, a team of experienced officers and a group of friends who are always at hand to help out.
Our goal is to reach obtain maximum members we can in Guild Wars and to leave behind a legend fitting of Heroes

For support or questions please don't hesitate to mail the Guild Leader or E-mail us at
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